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Additional funding | Dutch Civic Space Fund (CSF) and the Civic Space Fund Flex Option ( CSF-Flex)

The CSF, including the CSF-Flex, is an instrument under the policy framework ‘Strengthening Civil Society- Power of Voices’ that can be used by Embassies to offer direct support to local CSOs. This direct support strengthens local ownership and leadership, strengthens mutual learning and facilitates the network of Embassies. The annual total CSF budget is EUR 10 million, including EUR 1 million for the Flex Option. As of January 2022, an extra budget of EUR 7.5 million is available for the Flex Option of the CSF. The Flex option can be used not only in 2022 but also in 2023. Furthermore, the minimum allocation per activity has been lowered from 250.000 to 100.000 euros per financing.

20 mei 2022

The CSF can be applied for by Embassies through the annual budget cycle in the following countries: Afghanistan; Algeria; Bangladesh; Benin; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Egypt; Ethiopia; Ghana; Iraq; Indonesia; Yemen; Jordan; Kenya; Lebanon; Libya; Mali; Morocco; Mauretania; Mozambique; Niger; Nigeria; Uganda; Palestinian Territories; Rwanda; Senegal; Sudan; Somalia; Tunisia; Chad; South Sudan. The CSF focuses on the following themes: climate mitigation and adaptation; trade and/or sustainable value chains; food security; sustainable water management and/or WASH; women’s rights and gender equality; freedom of speech or religion and belief; equal rights for LGBTIQ+’ peace, law and order.

In addition to this, the CSF-Flex is available throughout the year for applications by Embassies in all other OECD-DAC countries (with the exception of Upper Middle-Income Countries). The CSF-Flex does not have a specific thematic focus. Organisations working with the most marginalised groups are of first concern, notably women and girls, LGBTIQ+, and people with disabilities. CSOs representing intersex people and youth are particularly encouraged to apply. Activities that could be funded via other funding instruments of the Ministry or CSOs that are already funded via other instruments of the Ministry are not eligible.

The fund is explicitly meant to strengthen local civil society organisations’ lobby and advocacy capacity and therefore not for local branches of international organisations. The fund is managed by the embassies and is also used on the instructions of these posts. Only activities in countries where one of the Dutch embassies is located can be financed.

Questions about the functioning of the fund should be addressed in the first instance to Please note that funds are limited and that they cannot approve each request for funding even if it qualifies for assistance.