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Join the Community of Practice on Data & Digitalisation

The Partos Innovation Hub proudly announces the launch of the Community of Practice on Data & Digitalisation, a space where we will come together to learn and innovate on data and digitalisation. As the world is moving towards a new era in which digital technologies and data are of increasing importance, the need grows to learn from each other’s experiences and best practices. This year we hope to organise innovative sessions on the Future of Digitalisation, Smart Data strategies, Digital inclusion, and much more! Do you have ideas for activities, or would you like to share/learn from the practices of peers? You’re welcome to join the Community!

02 mei 2022

About the Community of Practice

The Community of Practice on Data & Digitalisation is a space for co-creation, collaboration, learning, and innovation around data awareness, digital technology, but also digital rights, and user-led solutions. We aim to foster more inclusive, just, and smart practices among organisations and initiatives that use data & digital solutions to create more social impact. Through various activities with the CoP, members and partners will explore emerging trends, opportunities and challenges such as Smart Data strategies for more impact, Future trends and novel technologies (AI, Web 3.0, Digital financing), Digital security & surveillance, and Digital Inclusion. We are currently exploring the goals and needs together with the community members, and are looking forward to organising an exciting agenda. The community of practice is co-facilitated by PeaceTechLab NL, an organisation dedicated to connecting NGOs to data professionals to make more social impact through better use of data.  

Our Activities

What to expect? We hope to facilitate brainstorming sessions, trainings, learning trajectories, Hackathons, and webinars with community members, specialists, and thought-leaders in the world of Data & Digitalisation. Moreover, the CoP will function as a place where individuals and organisations can learn from each other’s projects, strategies, opportunities, and challenges.

Join the CoP – Data & Digitalisation

Do you have ideas for activities, or would you like to share and learn from practices of peers?  Our intention is to facilitate monthly online open-spaces and other activities for sharing and learning. The community of practice is open to all Partos members and organisations working in partnership with our member organisations. Not a member or partner, but interested to join our community? Send an email to our Innovation Facilitator Gigi Ong-Alok (