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Meet the nominees | “Collaborative Innovations Awards”

In the past few months, Partos has been looking for collaborative innovations that have developed creative solutions to address today’s challenges in the field of development cooperation. To our call for the “Collaborative Innovations Award,” 30 innovators have sent in their applications. Curious about who you can meet at the Innovation Festival on the 8th of October? Check the selected nominees below!


14 september 2021

Selecting the Nominees

The next step was for the Jury, consisting of Suzan Joy, Casper Staat, Dennis van Wanrooij, Tara Rao, and Mouna Ben Garga to score these innovations. After careful deliberation and rich discussion, the Jury has selected the 10 most inspiring collaborative innovations. These organisations will get the opportunity to showcase their innovation at the Partos Innovation Festival. Out of the 10 nominees, the Jury will award 3 innovations for the best Collaborative Innovations of 2021. These 3 innovators will win a visual narrative artboard about their innovation, and the chance to participate in three exclusive innovation workshops called the ‘FutureLab.’ Curious about who you can meet at the Innovation Festival on the 8th of October? Check the selected nominees below!


The 10 Most Collaborative Innovations 2021


  • Virtual Innovation Labs Innovation for Change | Latin America and the Caribbean Hub
    Creative spaces where participants work together to design innovative solutions for social problems with a Design Thinking methodology. The team with the best idea receives a seed fund to implement its solution prototype.
  • VOICE-PLUS (VOICE+) | Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+)
    An activist digital hub connecting networks of people living with HIV from across the globe to access accurate information related to HIV, share learnings, and raise advocacy issues.
  • Game of Change | Oxfam Novib
    Re-engaging power inside linking and learning through a digital gamified tool that supports young people in rural climate change affected areas to learn about and carry out campaign activities to make positive changes.
  • Making facts work for workers | CNV Internationaal
    Using data collected through digital surveys to make sure textile workers in Cambodian earn the money they deserve. So unions can start fact-based wage negotiations, which is vital as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the textile industry.
  • Action Group On Free Civic Space Tracking Team | SPACES FOR CHANGE
    In April 2020, six organizations launched a legal helpline to track cases of human rights violations on a digital database and provide 24/7 free legal services to persons whose rights were violated as a result of COVID19 lockdown enforcement measures in Nigeria.
  • Digital Quotient Youth Workshops | Innovation for Change – East Asia
    Nurtures the abilities of young and early activists to safely lead empowered and transformative lives online and offline. It’s where digital literacy and digital safety meet to defend human rights.
  • The Powerbank Experiment | Fingo (Fingo Powerbank Project)
    Helps development organisations to start new experiments within existing projects. Fosters the culture of experimental learning, sharing among NGOs and their global South partners by eliminating barriers and fear for failure, while allowing flexibility to scale pathways.
  • Tswana Justice Collective (TJC) | Success Capital Organisation
    Strengthening public health through community health referral services, multi-stakeholder SRHR advocacy and equality training, unpinned by storytelling and healing for LFBTIQ+ youth and sex workers amidst a 1.5-year-long state of emergency in Botswana.