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Test your organisations’ Digital Maturity with our new Quick Scan

Partos has co-developed a Digital Maturity quick scan with the Community of Practice on Data & Digitalisation. This tool is designed for Dutch NGOs to comprehensively analyse their current status and maturity level within their digitalisation journey. The Quick Scan is currently only available for Partos members. Try it out now!

17 augustus 2023

About the Quick Scan

The Partos Digital Maturity Quick Scan aims to enhance your understanding of your organisation’s current approach to data & digitalisation in your projects (organisational result). The Quick Scan draws from the Principles of Digital Development and incorporates additional inquiries on Digital Leadership and Digital Inclusion to address current dynamics in the work of NGOs. It will also provide a broader landscape analysis, encompassing the overall situation among Partos members (sector result).

The survey questions are designed to be answered from your organisation’s perspective, focusing on its management strategy towards digitalisation. We want to emphasise that all responses are valuable, as this survey aims to assess your current operations rather than envision an idealistic future state or to assess specific countries or projects within your process. Feel free to re-use and adapt the assessment for your project, country or partner assessments.

What’s in it for you?

The findings will be collected by Partos, where they will be compiled and anonymised to generate a baseline for monitoring and evaluating our collective work on Data & Digitalisation. The outcomes will provide an overarching view of the state of Digitalisation within the Dutch NGO sector. They will help identify how Partos can better support its members in enhancing their level of digital maturity.

  • Partner Engagement
  • Digital Ecosystem
  • Scale, Sustainability and Security
  • Data-driven & Privacy
  • Open Approach
  • Digital Leadership

Help build our digital & data community

Ultimately, the Quick Scan is intended as a learning tool to help organisations identify challenges and opportunities next steps in their digitalisation journey. We are still collecting examples, tools and best practices to share as resources. Do you have any strong examples, or is your organisation championing the area of Data & Digitalisation? Or would you like to join our Community of Practice? Send an email to to contribute to this learning & innovation space.

Take the Quick Scan Now!

Fill out the Digital Maturity quick scan here! Please allocate approximately 15 minutes for the completion of this survey.

Please note that the Quick Scan is currently only available for Partos members. It will take about two weeks to process and share the report.