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Partos joins new international research alliance on ‘shifting power’

We are pleased to announce that Partos embarks on an exciting exploratory journey together with Radboud University, Wageningen University & Research, Manchester University, Makerere University Kampala and University of Ghana to explore the (un)intended effects of ‘shifting power’ strategies.

15 juni 2022

Leveraging Shift the Power: What works and why?

How INGOs and other stakeholders in the aid chain can shift power and resources to their partners globally is one of the biggest and most important questions dominating the sector in the Netherlands and beyond. Likewise, there are clear and loud demands from Southern-based civil society organisations (CSOs) that the time for more equitable systems and relationships is now. Many conversations and initiatives are being planned and/or taking place. There is a need for these discussions and actions to be accompanied by strong academic research to explore what actions are being taken, by whom, and to what effect. Do these initiatives respond to demands from civil society organisations around the world? Are they sufficient to shift the power in intrinsically unequal aid chains? This knowledge is important in itself but also to inform future action within the sector.

Partos & Academia

There is a need for a better evidence base for making informed choices about priorities and strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Partos values continuous learning and aspires to strengthen evidence-based work in development cooperation. Academic research is an important tool for tracking international development programs’ results, effectiveness, and impact. Research can help explain why programs are succeeding or failing and can provide recommendations for how best to adapt to improve performance. That’s why partnerships like these are of utmost importance to Partos and its members.


Are you interested in collaborating with the international research alliance on this unique research? We are looking for collaborators and funders to help us further scale the research to diverse global contexts in the upcoming years. Send a mail to if you’re interested.


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