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Podcast | Virtual Innovation Labs

How to create spaces for collaboration on innovative solutions to tackle social problems from a human-centred perspective using design-thinking methodologies in times of social distancing? Virtual Innovation Labs!

13 december 2021

Each year Partos organises a call for innovation to showcase and promote recent innovative and inspiring initiatives in the development sector. In 2021, the “Collaborative Innovations Award” recognises and celebrates innovative collaborations in international civil society partnerships that developed creative solutions to deal with complex, volatile and uncertain scenarios in development cooperation. In total, 30 projects were submitted, covering a wide range of sustainable development goals, innovative approaches, changemakers, target groups, and locations. 

The three Award winners have won narrative artworks and will get the chance to participate in three exclusive workshops. We call them FutureLabs. The FutureLabs are part of the Partos Innovation hub; a platform for social innovation & learning that we will launch in 2022.

Partos assigned Disrupt Development to produce a podcast series to learn more about these innovations. In this episode ‘Virtual Innovation Labs’ is introduced: creative spaces where participants work together to design innovative solutions for social problems with a design thinking methodology. We talk with Victoria Rodríguez Costi and Cristina Ordóñez from Innovation for Change.