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Recap Partos Innovation Festival 2022

Thank you so much for visiting the ninth edition of the Partos Innovation Festival! Together with international development professionals, researchers, students, changemakers and innovators, we celebrated innovative development cooperation. Through lightning talks, workshops, and discussions, we discovered fresh perspectives and explored innovative ways to strive for Inclusive Civic Power. On top of that, we learned, created, danced and sang together. Let’s relive those festival vibes one more time! On this page, you’ll find a short reacp of all sessions. The recordings of the sessions in de Grote Zaal (main stage) and a link to the photos that were taken during the day!

Listen to the voice deep in yourself, where there are values that we all share. If you listen to that voice, you will listen to the universal rulers. And I think those values are contained within this idea of inclusive human power!

Bart Romijn, Partos

20 oktober 2022
20 oktober 2022

Lightning Talks: Pascalle Grotenhuis and Chihiro Geuzebroek

Our first lightning talk was from Pascalle Grotenhuis on Feminist Leadership. Pascalle Grotenhuis is the Director of Social Development and Ambassador for Gender Equality at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She gave her vision on the Dutch ministry’s (and her own) position on Feminist Leadership and a feminist Foreign policy.

Only together can we work towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable society.

The second lightning talk was from Chihiro Geuzebroek. As a multidisciplinary artist, public speaker, writer, organizer and trainer in decolonial and Indigenous Climate Justice perspectives, this talk shaked some ground. She wanted the audience to speak out for injustice. To feel it, and to be angry about it.

Climate change is the symptom, not the cause!

Watch the opening session

20 oktober 2022

Shift the Power Lab 2.0

Six working groups are working on concrete prototypes or actions that focus on four objectives: 1) Policy recommendations for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutional donors, 2) Tools to facilitate organisational change among (I)NGOs, 3) Inclusive narratives and communication approaches within international development cooperation, and 4) research to learn about the (un)intended effects of shifting power strategies.
In this session, the preliminary learnings, experiments and prototypes were presented. With Margit van Wessel (Wageningen University & Research), Merel van der Woude (Butterfly Works), Heinz Greijn (Partos consultant), Susan Wilkinson (Simavi) and Zunera Rana (Radbout University).

Watch the Shift the Power Lab

20 oktober 2022

NGO-activist collaboration for climate justice: opportunities and obstacles

“Climate justice means a solution for everyone and everything and solidarity with all other social justice causes, such as racism, sexism, ableism and classism.”

This was how one panellist summarised their vision for a climate-just world. This vision was shared by many climate activists, NGOs and other guests. Participants identified many opportunities for collaboration between activists and NGOs, ranging from amplifying each other’s message to providing technical, financial or other support. At the same time, obstacles to collaboration remain. Participants mentioned NGOs’ dependence on government donors or high rates of burnout among activists, among others. Still, as one panellist concluded at the end of the session, “the most important thing is that activists and NGOs keep talking to each other, just as we did today.”

20 oktober 2022

Innovating towards Inclusion: is intersectionality the answer?

The strategic partnership Make Way had a hands-on workshop, featuring youth advocates and development specialists from Uganda and Kenya. They shared their practical approach to using intersectionality within our work to improve people’s access to their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) through advocacy. The participants thought about how to use intersectional version of the Community Score Card in their own work. And to understand that ensure civic power is inclusive, and doesn’t include only those with a loud voice, good access to stakeholders or certain identity characteristics.

20 oktober 2022

Mohammed Hammie: Creative Storytelling for Social Change

Even though Mohammed Hammie had the largest stage available, the room was packed! Online, he gave a masterclass about storytelling for social change. He explained the creative and participatory approaches he has used. Emiel Martens and Wouter Oomen of the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication, where on stage to reflect on Hammie’s work and evaluate both successful and less successful mediums, genres and styles in storytelling for social change. Simavi wrote this article about this session and the festival. 

20 oktober 2022

Digital Futures: is technology making or breaking social justice?

Artificial intelligence, algorithms, web 3.0, NFTs, Metaverse, Robots … It’s often stated that technological innovation has the potential to solve major issues contributing to inequalities, drastically improve the efficiency of social service delivery and enable democratic access to voice and information for people that are often left behind. What can non-profit organisations learn from technology if we explore it from a human rights and social justice perspective?

Watch Digital Futures

20 oktober 2022

Cooperation between practitioners and academia: how to become a knowledge broker?

Willem Elbers and Sofka Trajcevska surprised us with an interactive workshop to combine different experiences, innovations and best practices to bridge academia and practice in international development cooperation. 

We started tthe session with a brief presentation of insightful lessons learned in the cooperation between Liliane Fonds and the Radboud university through its ‘Breaking down Barriers’ project. After that, we were invited to join in small groups to share ideas concerning constraining and enabling factors in cooperation between practitioners and academia and ownership of all stakeholders involved. We ended with a plenary discussion.

20 oktober 2022

Lightning Talk by Jeroen van der Most

Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most creates art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI). Jeroen’s artworks show a different, positive use of technology that deepens our relationships with our national surroundings. He took us on a visual journey with a series of mind-boggling artworks built using algorithms and AI. His goal with these creative experiments, is to make you rethink technology use, activism and social and environmental justice.

20 oktober 2022

CEO PowerPitch Fest

There are many great ideas and insights on how we can accelerate and boost the impact of international development cooperation activities. During the festival, directors from 10 (!) international civil society pitched their BIG ideas that will be transformative for international development cooperation. Each of them had only three minutes to tell us something we didn´t know that will change the game within the next ten years.


Watch the CEO PowerPitch

20 oktober 2022

World Café: The future of global solidarity is young, female & beyond borders

In this live edition of the World Café, we looked at inspiring examples and new perspectives from the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. How do you tell a new story, create engagement and build a fanbase? How do you seduce citizens from giving to becoming part of a movement for justice, sustainability and development worldwide? Let’s put in motion the future of solidarity & development together: young, female & beyond borders!

Watch the World Café

20 oktober 2022

Climate Justice x Reciprocity

The deep sound of a drum and the high notes of a flute fills the room. Festival guests line up and slowly make their way towards the podium. Those at the front, pick a handful of seeds from a small bowl. They contemplate: who shall I honour with these seeds? Lost warriors, future children, their ancestors or the current generation? In this intimate and personal workshop, Chautuileo Tranamil and Max de Ploeg (Stichting Aralez) elaborated on the indigenous cosmovision before showing how the practice of reciprocity can be integrated into our own life.

20 oktober 2022

System change and southern leadership: tools and examples

Addressing the root causes of poverty, through a system change approach is a buzzword in our sector. But, how do you start with system change? What does it require? Woord en Daad shared a tool: the system change canvas. Ephrem Shifera argued that there has to be a shift from profectfocus to partnershipfocus. Sylvestre Tiemtore, stated that southern leadership is not an quiet river. Woord en Daad also wrote an article about this session, with more information about the tool! 
20 oktober 2022

Co-constructing new leadership

An opportunity to step in the shoes of the CEO of the future! With this creative design session we build our own leaders and discovered our own ideas and “building blocks” on leadership. All of this inspiration will help shape the upcoming “Partos learning journey for leaders”!

20 oktober 2022

Closure with performances from dancer Ali Zanad, the NOW-Us! Award Winners an Ibou & Friends

After a full day of insipiring talks, workshops and information, we ended with a great line-up of artists, activists and cultural performers that use arts and expression for social change. Dancer Ali Zanad premiered with a performance that was specifically created around this festival theme. Then, the Voice and the NOW-Us! Award Winners from Cambodia, Laos, Kenya, Mali and Tanzania enterd the stage. Combining slam poetry and digital media with fashion and storytelling, five innovators chanted and cheered to incantate for a just and inclusive future for all. After the final remarks of Lynn Zebeda and Bart Romijn, we danced into the evening with Ibou & Friends!

Watch the full closure

20 oktober 2022

Thank you for being with us!