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Searching case studies that are locally rooted on ‘Shifting Power’

The International Civil Society Centre and Partos are co-creating a ‘Power of Futures’ report. We seek to document approaches that foster novelty and creativity in shifting the power that are locally driven and supported by local innovation ecosystems across geographies. Contact us if you know an inspiring case study that must become part of this report.

18 oktober 2023

The “Power of Making Futures” report will comprise nine case studies. These will be documented through different formats, encompassing a mixed media approach to content development, such as narrative storytelling, podcasts and graphic recording.

The report will endeavour to analyse and unpack the following themes in civil society innovation by dedicating three case studies for each of the following themes:

Innovative approaches to development cooperation

Moving beyond the Global North-South lens of understanding cooperation. The cases will focus on South-South cooperation in research, knowledge production and political advocacy.

Participatory funding models

Exploring emerging funding approaches and analysing more equitable approaches that aim to rebalance unequal power structures with partners in the countries where ICSOs operate.

Rebalancing power dynamics in narratives and imagery

The development & humanitarian sector are still rife with problematic narratives of white saviourism and undignified portrayal of the communities we serve, perpetuated through fundraising and marketing. How can civil society organisations role model change and foster fair and ethical storytelling?

Share your case study

Do you know an inspiring case study? Have you heard of a unique case study? Please share it with us!