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Update on the Community of Practice | Shift the Power

As the development sector is pioneering new ways of shifting power to partners in the Global South, Partos contributes to these efforts by its Community of Practice Shift-the-Power. The aim of the Community of Practice (CoP) is to identify practical solutions for achieving more balanced power relations in international partnerships for development.

13 april 2021

In the Community of Practice Shift-the-Power, the challenge to find practical solutions for achieving more balanced power relations is divided into three sub-challenges, each to be addressed in a dedicated working group. The first working group focuses on understanding the system and any problematic features it contains. The second working group meeting is focused on identifying measures that can be taken to counteract the systemic factors. The third working group is planned start its work on May 12th . The question to be addressed in this working group is, how to change the system in a way that supports community-led development. The working group will develop a policy paper with recommendations for the next generation of Power-of Voices programmes.

Power Awareness Tool 2.0
In 2020 a Partos innovation lab developed the Power Awareness Tool which helps international civil society partnerships to analyse the degree to which power is equally distributed (or not) in their mutual relationships. As the number of organisations that use the Power Awareness Tool gradually grows, it is time to take the tool to the next level and make it more user friendly and easier to access. Therefore, Partos intends to develop a web-based version of the tool. The web-based tool build on the excel version of the tool. Facilitation can be done online, and it will consist of an easy reporting application and the option to use various languages. We are looking for volunteers who want to help developing and testing the web-based version of the tool.

If you want to contribute to the work of the Community of Practice, contact Anne-Marie Heemskerk at