Programme | Block 3

Digital Journey

October 9 | 14.00-16.00

This final block of the Partos Innovation Festival will focus on Digital Journeys and Public Spaces. Marleen Stikker will discuss her digital journey and the role of digital in creating a better world. We will also get the opportunity to learn from the different Joint Action Groups (JAGs) active in The Spindle's Digital Journey. For more information about the programme of block 3, see below. Note: this programme will be updated in the run-up to the Festival. 


Marleen Stikker | Speaker

Public Spaces is an international movement that aims to reclaim the internet as a force for the common good. Co-founder of the movement, Marleen Stikker, will discuss her view on the digital public spaces and the role of digital technology in finding solutions to societal challenges. Marleen Stikker is founder of De Digitale Stad (The Digital City), the first virtual community introducing free public access to the Internet in Amsterdam. She is also founder and director of Waag, a social enterprise and research institute for creative technologies and social innovation, and Waag Products, that launched companies like Fairphone. Moveover, Marleen is a member of the European H2020 Commission High-level Expert Group for SRIA on innovating Cities/DGResearch and the Dutch AcTI academy for technology & innovation. Marleen believes that society needs open technologies that meet societal challenges. 

Last March, 35 Linking Pins, all deriving from various Partos member organisations, joined the Digital Journey. Together they formulated the digital challenges they experience as well as their innovative ideas. This resulted in 8 Joint Action Groups (JAGs), that would work together during the whole Journey. Together they went through all the processes from defining their innovative ideas to realising their intended outcomes during a Hackathon and Demo Day. The JAGs will come together once more and present their outcomes and results. The JAGs will have scored each other’s innovative ideas and products on different qualities, and the winning JAG will be announced during this last event of the Digital Journey!