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Learning & Innovation | SCS – MEL

Vic Klabbers presented the Partos learning agenda, as well as some key insights from previous Strategic Partnerships and the Knowledge Map. Furthermore, he took a sneak peak into the future: what learning trajectories will be offered and what will members and partners learn from these? How to collectively keep learning and innovating within development cooperation to build a just, sustainable, inclusive and future proof society?

Learning & Innovation

Learning and innovation are collective processes. Hence, Partos finds it important to make the learning that takes place as part of these partnerships accessible to all Partos members. Therefore all activities are open to all Partos members. Non-members that are in the partnerships are also welcome to participate. The objective of the Partos Learning and Innovation Programme 2021-2025 is to support, enhance and mobilize the learning and innovation potential of its members, and their Southern partners, in support of inclusive, locally owned sustainable development.

New programme

At the start of our new programme we took some time to explore the learning needs of our members. The outcome of this exploration is our learning agenda. It is based on a baseline study done with Partos members in Spring 2021. The learning agenda is organised around five main themes which in itself are part of our main theme for 2022:  inclusive civic power.

  • Inclusion
  • Civic Power
  • New Ways of Working Together
  • Data & Digital
  • Future proof

SCS – MEL presentation