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Policy paper – Recommendations for a more power-balanced and effective policy framework strengthening civil society

This policy paper is the culmination of an extensive multi-year consultation process involving organizations and individuals from both the Netherlands and the global majority world. It offers policy recommendations to support the development of the new policy framework ‘Strengthening Civil Society’ from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is it about?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ current policy framework for strengthening civil society is set to conclude in 2025. Over the past years, Partos, in collaboration with its members and international experts, has collected insights and developed recommendations to make the new policy framework for 2026 and beyond more inclusive, flexible, and, above all, effective.

This policy paper underscores the need for structural changes across four themes such as agenda setting, accountability, risk sharing, and monitoring & evaluation.

Policy Paper

Key background documents

  1. Voices on Power – interviews with recommendations from the Partos Shift the Power Lab by Southern leaders (2023)
  2. Where do we go from Here? (2024) – A comprehensive scientific study on the dynamics of shift the power
  3. Rethinking MEL: A guide for Feminist MEL (2024)
  4. General consultation by Partos among its members on the policy framework (2023)
  5. Dreampaper from the Partos Shift the Power Lab highlighting key issues from the ‘Power of Voices’ policy framework (2021/2022)

Planning ’24 new policy framework

The current policy framework for strengthening civil society ends in 2025. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that preparations for developing the new policy framework have begun.

  • March/April: internet consultation (open to everyone) – DELAYED
  • March/April: Policy letter to Dutch Parliament
  • September: Publication of the new policy framework