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Community-Led Development and Human-Centered Design

The community of practice on Community-Led Development (CLD) and Human-Centred Design (HCD) is a dynamic community in which a diverse group of development actors explore and learn about the potential of CLD and HCD practices in their work. The platform offers regular interactive sessions on a variety of different topics. New approaches are shared, ideas discussed, and useful tools explained! In this way, we stay informed and are encouraged to apply the principles of Community-Led Development and Human-Centred Design in our work. 

We can only truly shift the power if those who are passionate about that shift join forces and build their platform for change from the ground up.

Why this platform?

We believe that power needs to shift from top-down development towards communities. We can only truly shift the power if those – who are passionate about that shift – join forces and build a platform for change from the ground up. In order to make this transformation, we must jointly shape the agendas. This platform and the (monthly) events that it hosts, tackle power structures by co-designing a shared learning trajectory and exchanging experiences, stumbling-blocks and potential pathways around them. Providing an innovative and creative space for us to convene, re-think and improve our practices!

Joint effort

The sessions are organised in collaboration with Butterfly Works, The Hunger Project and The Movement for Community-Led Development. The Hunger Project and Butterfly Works initiated the project, and The Movement for Community-Led Development and Partos joined later. Through this joint collaboration we spread important ideas and practices of CLD and HCD amongst a wider audience.

Want to Join?

Are you interested in Community-Led Development and Human-Centred Design? Check our agenda  to see if there’s an upcoming event and sign up!

To find more information on events that took place in 2020, check this page for an overview of (past) activities and find resources related to this topic.

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