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Charities, humanitarian aid and development organisations hold integrity in high regard. It is also expected of them. For years, various measures have been taken to work on acting with integrity within organisations and to do justice to all those with whom and for whom we work. In the Netherlands, in addition to the code of conduct, as required by Partos for its members, we have a supervisor in the CBF (Dutch Central Fundraising Bureau) with strict standards belonging to the Erkenningsregeling (Recognition Scheme). In addition, we work together with Goede Doelen Nederland to support organisations with learning programs on integrity. Individual organisations often have their own codes of conduct and confidential advisors, as well as internal hotlines (points of contact). For inspiration for an internal code of conduct, take a look at Partos’ internal code of conduct, intended for Partos employees (in Dutch).

Joint Integrity Action Plan

In recent years, the industry worked hard to prevent abuse of power, interpersonal and financial violations. We joined forces, which resulted in several valuable and relevant results. An overview can be found here: Joint Integrity Action Plan (2018, in Dutch).

Guide and Roadmap Integrity System

To support members in setting up their own integrity system and complying with the code of conduct, the Integrity System Guide and the Roadmap Integrity System have been developed by Partos and Goede Doelen Nederland in cooperation with Governance & Integrity and KPMG.

Among other things, the guide provides tools for and sample documents and descriptions of best practices around integrity. The guide provides organisations with answers to how an integrity system works and can be set up within an organisation. By introducing and implementing the steps described, organisations comply with the measures aimed at transgressive behaviour included in the Partos Code of Conduct and the Erkenningsregeling (Recognition Scheme). The ultimate goal is to prevent transgressive behaviour as much as possible, deal with it carefully when it occurs and account for it adequately. The manual was updated at the end of 2022.

The roadmap provides a concrete roadmap that any organisation can get started with right away, regardless of the size of the organisation and the stage of development of the integrity system. It is consistent with the Integrity System Guide and helps to take practical and structural steps in the area of integrity. You can also use the roadmap to see what is already in place within your organisation regarding integrity and what could be improved.

We have other documents that can help you set up and build a sound integrity system, such as the External Accountability Guide and the Screening Roadmap. Find the overview here and download the document you need.

Partos Code of Conduct & Partos 9001

Emerging from the joint action plan made in 2018 in response to a series of misconducts by employees of various NGOs is the adaptation of the Partos Code of Conduct. Several changes were approved at the General Assembly of Members on November 15, 2018. This resulted in the Partos Code of Conduct 2019. These changes deal in particular with measures to be taken in the area of integrity. Changes were also made to Partos 9001 (a quality standard).

The Partos Code of Conduct changes and the Partos 9001 are not isolated. The Erkenningsregeling (Recognition Scheme) and the organisational test (ORIA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also amended. Partos has coordinated these changes with the parties involved to avoid contradictions and stacking. The changes came about in consultation with the Partos Working Group on Quality members. Advice and comments from integrity experts and auditors from certifying institutions were also used. Read more

Free online integrity course

If you want an introduction to the subject of integrity or an overview of what’s involved, take the free online course. You can choose the order in which you take the course.

Whistleblower hotline

Possibilities for an industry whistleblower hotline have been explored. Dutch-oriented organisations can use Gimd. For members of Partos and Goede Doelen Nederland, no annual or fixed costs are charged for connection to the whistleblower hotline through Gimd.

Services & trainings

Together with Goede Doelen Nederland, we have put together a broad package of training courses and services with which members can (further) set up and optimise their integrity system. We made favourable rate agreements with various providers. The services and training courses also help comply with the Partos Code of Conduct standards and the Recognition Scheme in this area.

Are you looking for a provider to help you set up a whistleblower hotline, guide a morale-building effort, or investigate violations, for example?

There are several training courses in the field of integrity. These include an introductory integrity training course, moral judgment training and basic training for confidants. If there is a training scheduled, you’ll find it at Partos Events.