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Partos Innovation Festival & Awards

Every year, we give visibility to innovation in the sector by organizing the Partos Innovation Festival. The festival annually celebrates successes, puts inspiring projects and initiatives into the spotlight and provides a stage for progressive thinkers and doers. It is always a festive mix of inspiration and content, doing and listening, as well as meeting each other.

The Partos Innovation Festival showcases the innovative and vibrant paths the sector is taking and provides cross-pollination between our members, scientists, social entrepreneurs, and collaborative partners.

A significant theme is at the centre of the festival’s agenda each year. Think ‘A future we want‘, ‘All inclusive‘ and ‘Digital Civic Power‘. We work on this theme throughout the year in collaboration with members and partners. Outcomes are often presented during the festival. In addition, we search (worldwide) for initiatives, speakers and workshops to inspire festival visitors repeatedly; through this bundling of activities, the festival offers the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with participants worldwide. Every year this yields valuable insights, innovative returns and strong relationships.

Watch the Innovation Festival 2021 after-movie below.

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