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EU Lobby Network

At the EU level, Partos focuses primarily on the Dutch role in the European debate on development cooperation and the implementation of EU development policy. Partos members who lobby within the EU come together in the EU lobby network. In this network, we coordinate our lobby prior to important EU meetings on development cooperation. We also make plans ahead of the European Parliament elections.


In addition, Partos is represented in Brussels by CONCORD. CONCORD is the European umbrella organization and represents national platforms such as Partos and international networks. Partos is provided with valuable and relevant information from CONCORD to optimize the Dutch input in the European debate on development cooperation.

CONCORD Working Groups

Several Partos members are also active within CONCORD. They contribute ideas within CONCORD’s various working groups on various topics, such as policy coherence, financing of development cooperation and a strong civil society.

Want to know more?

Would you like to contribute to our European lobby or learn more about opportunities within CONCORD? Get in touch with us!