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Lobby Network

Partos connects advocates within development cooperation. After all, by sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences, we become stronger! This is what takes place within the Partos lobby network.

Lobby network meetings

The lobby network is a broad network open to all Partos member employees. Several times a year, we organize a lobby network meeting. During such a meeting, an inspiring speaker first shares lessons about successful lobbying or offers interesting insights into a relevant topic, such as migration or IMVO (International Socially Responsible Enterpreneurship). Afterwards, there is room to catch up and exchange views in small groups. In addition to lobby network meetings, we also organize occasional lobby training sessions provided by an external party or Partos. These training sessions allow advocates to brush up on their knowledge and acquire new skills.

Want to know more?

Through a monthly newsletter, we inform the lobbying network about upcoming meetings, training and our lobbying activities. Or check our events for the next date!