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Partos Integrity Workgroup

Partos supports its members in establishing and strengthening their organisations as organisations of integrity and has developed several products, services and activities for this purpose. One of those activities is the Partos workgroup on integrity. An active group consisting of integrity officers of member organisations. Within this group, advice and knowledge are exchanged on occurring integrity issues. Another goal is joint learning about all enforcement aspects and the moral learning process. The workgroup also has an informing role in Partos’ efforts to strengthen Partos members as organisations of integrity.

Topics that come up in the integrity workgroup are:

  • How do we give substance to the agreements made? We consider, for example, the agreements established in the Partos Code of Conduct.
  • How to deal with anonymous reports?
  • Proactively and transparently communicate about reports, with attention to the privacy and security of all involved.
  • As organisations, how do we make efforts for racial equity and diversity?

Participate in the integrity workgroup?

The workgroup meets about once a month and is open to new members. Want more information? Please get in touch with us.