Integrity: helpful documents

In addition to the Integrity System Guide and the Roadmap Integrity System, drawn up by Partos and Goede Doelen Nederland to support members in setting up their own integrity system and complying with the code of conduct, there are more documents that can help in setting up or improving an integrity system. An overview is listed here.

Handreiking External Accountability
Deciding what and on whose behalf you should answer as an organisation is sometimes challenging. To help organisations with these considerations, the Handreiking Externe Verantwoording (in Dutch) has been created, which addresses both retrospective annual reporting and any interim reports.

Roadmap Screening
The Roadmap Screening 2.1 helps organisations tighten the Screening Process on the integrity of future (and current) employees/volunteers. The Roadmap also supports the sector as a whole in arriving at a more standard and uniform policy about this screening process, improving its quality, and having a solid preventive effect. In addition, the Roadmap forms the basis on which the Ministry assesses the screening policy of development cooperation organisations.

In the autumn of 2023, the Roadmap was completely revised. It includes information on the sector-specific reference profile that complements the Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). For background information on this reference profile, you can also read VOG’s memorandum advice (Dutch only). In addition, chapters have been added on screening various types of volunteers (including board members) and screening employees already in employment.

VOG and industry-specific reference check

The current Certification of Good Conduct (VOG in Dutch) has been expanded to include a sector-specific reference check for our sector. This reference check maps out which positions specifically require attention about integrity issues. Realising a sector-wide VOG, one of the intentions in the Joint Integrity Action Plan, was not yet feasible. The sector-specific reference check has been developed by Partos and Charities Netherlands in collaboration with COVOG (Centraal Orgaan Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) to partially meet this wish. Read the note on advice on VOG (in Dutch) with the sector-specific reference check here.

Handbook of (care) measures for victims
There is a basic Guide of (care) measures for victims of sexual transgressive behaviour (in Dutch). Every organisation can use this handle to further concrete its (care) measures for victims in its own operational work processes.

Instrument classification and triage of reports
Oxfam Novib has guidelines (partly Dutch, partly English) and an instrument of classification (in English) and triage developed to estimate the severity of a report with the appropriate organisations can use the tool with accompanying explanations. In most cases, some modifications will be necessary to tailor it completely.