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Closure DEI Learning Trajectory  

It’s a wrap! After 6 inspiring modules, we are closing the first year of the Partos Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Learning Trajectory. We embarked on this journey with over 35 organisations in February 2023, with the aim to live DEI from the inside-out, and more firmly integrate a DEI strategy within our organisations. Read more about our achievements in 2023.

21 December 2023

About the DEI Learning Trajectory

This trajectory is a learning space about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in international collaboration, where organisations can share their challenges, needs, best practices, tools, and methods. We offer a dedicated space for DEI advocates and professionals in leadership positions, HR positions, or organisational activists willing to take concrete steps toward DEI strategies and contribute to a co-learning environment. In 6 different modules that we co-created with our network, we dived into the different building blocks. Together they compose a dynamic overlapping patchwork of what we may call the working field of the DEI professional: 

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  1. Building DEI Strategies → How to build a DEI strategy: from performative commitment to real integration of DEI in the organisation’s strategy.
  2. Diversity Dimensions and Intersectionality → Introducing different dimensions of diversity, concepts, terminologies, and experiences; giving advice on integrating those dimensions in an intersectional way into DEI strategies.
  3. Measuring and Monitoring DEI → Evidence-driven DEI strategies and DEI metrics: how to measure, monitor, and evaluate progress on DEI
  4. Creating a Culture of DEI and the Crucial Role of DEI Communities and Inclusive Leaders → Create safe spaces by and for communities and engage a dialogue between leaders and DEI activists to learn from one another and to find ways to collaborate better with each other toward DEI.
  5. Institutional Racism and White Privilege in the Development Sector → Addressing the issue of racism in our organisations, tainted by colonial history and white saviorism.
  6. The Role of HR in DEI → The crucial role of HR: an inclusive approach to attract and retain diverse candidates and to ensure safety, well-being and growth.

Walking the talk

What’s the deal? Why does it matter? While Diversity, Inclusion & Equity are strongly recognised values in our international work, organisational commitment within civil society organisations remains a work in progress. The sector’s evident links with colonialism, racism and white superiority and ongoing inequalities in international partnerships call for deep self-reflection on internal values, working culture and representation that may reproduce long-existing forms of exclusion. Our efforts on DEI are born out of a belief that the above are interconnected; an inclusive organisational culture, values and policies will help members to apply these approaches in their programmes, resulting in more equitable partnerships. 

Racial Justice workshop at The Black Archives in Amsterdam, co-facilitated by the Racial Equity Index 
Racial Justice workshop at The Black Archives in Amsterdam, co-facilitated by the Racial Equity Index

A word of thanks

We proudly look back at the 20+ sessions in which we came together to learn and exchange and pledged for inclusive, intersectional, diverse and equitable change within our own institutions! We want to thank specifically, our co-facilitator Nina Guillerme, all the Partos interns, and all the guests experts we invited to share their practice on f.e. Gender & racial Justice, Disability Inclusion, HR, DEI assessments and monitoring, and Inclusive leadership. We also want to give a huge shout out to the participants, for your persistency and braveness to be the intravists in your organisations and for showing up for yourself and each other in these sessions, even in moments of vulnerability.  

It must be said that our work on DEI is often taken for granted, underestimated and under-resourced. Simultaneously, we give all we have to push, pull, shift and pivot. We speak-up, we source and find motivation from our own identity and past experiences, and try to weave this into collective consciousness. Which also comes at an expense; emotional exhaustion, dealing with resistance, harm and situations of conflict, and perhaps stress. So therefore, there is one last assignment: practice self-care and self-compassion!  What do you need to heal, recover, and recharge to continue doing this work? Perhaps this Happiness Manifesto can help you guide your practice is wellbeing and self-care. 


Throughout the year we have built an impressive collection of resources on DEI. This includes recordings and recaps of our online sessions, practical assignments & DEI tools developed for this trajectory, and tips & challenges shared by peers. Most of these documents are only accessible for participating organisations in the DEI learning trajectory. For now, you can dive into these open resources: 

Next year

Good news, we want to take our DEI efforts to the next level and build on the solid foundation that we have already developed together in the past year. Think about practical workshops to support your DEI work, continuous peer learning, deepening conversations on Racial Justice, Gender Inclusion or disabilities, open spaces to share your challenges and focused working groups. Like this year, the strategy of 2024 year will be co-created with our network and you can play a role in shaping the agenda. 

  • 8th of February (14.00 – 18.00 + drinks) New years reception: An in-person get-together to brainstorm and plan for our next year! Go to our invite & registration form! 

Join the community

We would love to see you take part in this important journey next year and drive inclusive change within your organisations! Curious or excited to participate, send an email to