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Learning & Innovation Highlights 2023

As we look back on the transformative journey of 2023, it becomes evident that the fundamental pillars of civic power, inclusion, equality and justice have been central to the efforts of the Innovation Hub. Together with all of you we have learned and exchanged on how to move forward to embrace and uphold these pillars as a sector. It was a year full of inspiring connections and amazing sessions, which we could not have done without you. We are stronger together!  

We want to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2024 and hope to see you next year!

21 December 2023

Shift the Power Lab 2.0

For multiple years, Partos has actively supported the ‘shift the power’ movement, pushing for more equal power relationships within development cooperation.  This year, under the Shift the Power Lab 2.0 Partos and its partners actively worked on the development of practical ‘products’ to facilitate systems change: 

  1. We created a Policy paper with concrete recommendations to make the Dutch policy framework more inclusive and flexible. 
  2. Voices on Power – interviews with recommendations from the Partos Shift the Power Lab by Southern leaders.  
  3. Atlas prototype that brings together a library of resources to shift power. 
  4. The only scientific research in the world about shift the power.
  5. Inclusive communication guide to change our shared narrative.

Climate Justice Community of Practice

This year we started with a Climate Justice Community of Practice (CoP), which brings together a diverse group of about 55 development professionals. Throughout the year, the CoP organised a series of insightful sessions that delved into critical themes, from how to integrate climate adaptation in development programs and mainstream climate justice principles to the importance of a decolonial approach to climate justice and just climate finance. One thing that was emphasised in all discussions was the importance of decentralized, community-led approaches, acknowledging marginalized voices, and advocating for the rectification of power imbalances. In 2024, the Climate Justice CoP will continue its role in fostering connections, learnings and, where possible, joint action by its members. 

SP Lab – MTR learning and exchange session

Many learning sessions have been organised under our Strategic Partnership Lab, but a highlight is the Mid-term Review (MTR) related sessions. At the start of 2023, we co-created several sessions to facilitate the preparation of the MTR. How do you deal with the Terms of Reference, how do you work with consultants and go about data collection? Now that all MTRs have been finalised, we are busy preparing an early 2024 learning session on how to follow up the MTR within the alliances, together with a dedicated group of Partos members and their partners. 

Feminist MEL learning session

One of our absolute highlights of this year was the Feminist MEL learning session on 10 October with more than 150 participants! Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives from Count Me In! Power Up! FEM PAWER! & Fair for All! consortia, we delved into key principles and practices of Feminist MEL, how this links to other movements around Shift the Power and Decolonisation, and how to navigate reporting guidelines from a Feminist MEL perspective. Together with this committed core group, we have been working hard on a report, which will be published at the beginning of next year. Partos will also explore opportunities for follow-up learning sessions on Feminist MEL, so stay tuned! 

DEI learning Trajectory

It’s a wrap! After 6 inspiring modules, we are closing the first year of the Partos Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Learning Trajectory. We embarked on this journey with over 35 organisations in February 2023, with the aim to live DEI from the inside-out and more firmly integrate a DEI strategy within our organisations. In an impressive collection of 20+ sessions, we covered topics such as Inclusive Leadership & work cultures, Racial justice, measuring & Monitoring DEI, Inclusive recruitment and HR policies, and more. Read more about our achievements in 2023 and plans for 2024! 

The launch of our Digital Maturity Quick Scan

This year Partos has co-developed a Digital Maturity quick scan with the Community of Practice on Data & Digitalisation. This tool is designed for Dutch NGOs to analyse the current maturity level within their digitalisation journey. The quick scan can help you to identify dimensions in your digital work that require attention or dimensions which you champion. The Quick Scan is currently only available for Partos members. Try it out now! 

Innovation Festival

We greatly appreciate your presence at the tenth edition of the Partos Innovation Festival! Together with international development professionals, researchers, students, changemakers, and innovators, we celebrated a decade of innovative development cooperation. Through the launch of the Impact Stories Magazine, an enlightening Keynote Speech, a thought-provoking Panel Discussion, and a heartfelt check-in with Previous Award Winners, we embarked on a journey down memory lane, reflecting on ten years of innovation and looking forward to the promising future ahead. On top of that, we learned, danced and sang together. Let’s savour those festival vibes once more! On this page, you’ll find a short recap of all the sessions, the after-movie, and a link to the photos and videos that were taken during the day.