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Future Brief Series No 3 (prt 3) The future is now: actionable pathways towards a decolonised development sector

To conclude the trilogy on the decolonisation of development cooperation, this third brief adopts a future-oriented perspective to explore actionable pathways towards a decolonised sector.

03 november 2022

From the tip of the iceberg to what lies beneath the surface

Building on the ‘iceberg model’ employed in the second brief, it shows that we need a two-pronged approach to tackle colonial remnants in: 1) dominant mindsets, attitudes and values that make up the ‘deep structures’ of development cooperation; and in 2) visible behaviours, practices and policies, situated at the tip of the iceberg. As such, we first zoom in on the ‘deep structures’, to provide organisations and practitioners with a starting point for a reflexive journey to decolonise mindsets, attitudes and values. The second section focuses on four dimensions of development cooperation:

  1. Communication
  2. Resource mobilisation and grant-making
  3. Planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL)
  4. Diversity, equity and inclusion, to provide inspiring examples of decolonial initiatives and distil good practices.

By discussing specific initiatives, we hope to inspire action rather than provide a definitive ‘how to’ guide, as ultimately every development practitioner and organisation will have their own unique trajectory towards decolonisation.

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