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Follow the journey of the Partos Future Exploration through podcast stories

Partos has recently started a future exploration for both its members and Partos as a whole. This is a strategic, creative and participatory process to define “dynamic and adaptive future pathways” that can withstand uncertain and complex futures. These pathways will be designed together, primarily with members of Partos as well as other stakeholders, and this process will be facilitated by Butterfly Works, Fonkeling and the Resilience lab of TU Delft. As part of this exploration, Partos and Disrupt Development embark on a journey to voice development professionals from Partos members, front-running innovators, and disruptors. We dive into the ins- and outs of the future of development and its implications for Partos and its members.

25 juni 2021

First podcast featuring Bart Romijn

In the first episode of the podcast series, we start with a word of welcome from the Director of Partos, Bart Romijn who will explain the unique role of Partos, why a future exploration is needed and how the outcomes of the future exploration will serve Dutch Development NGOs. Together, we can make the change we want to see!

Soundbite by Bart Romijn (1 minute)

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Second podcast featuring Tina Comes

What is the role of resilience & adaptive management in global development? And why does it matter? In the second episode of the podcast series, we speak with Tina Comes to dive into dynamic and adaptive policy pathways.

Soundbite by Tina Comes (1 minute)

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Third podcast featuring Lysa John and Barbara Oosters

What is the current state of civil society and what are positive and negative trends that will influence work in the coming decade? In this episode of the FutureExploration podcast, we sat down with international thought leaders Lysa John and Barbara Oosters to dive into the future pathway of shifting space for civil society.

Soundbite by  Lysa John and Barbara Oosters (00.37 sec)

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Fourth podcast featuring Mariken Gaanderse & Bart Romijn

Mariken Gaanderse & Bart Romijn reflect on the Future Exploration journey. What has happened so far, what can we learn from it and what does the future hold? 


 Soundbite by Mariken Gaanderse & Bart Romijn (00.30 sec)

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Fifth podcast featuring Marinke van Riet

What do we mean by inclusion, equity & belonging? How can organisations from the Global North walk the talk and become more inclusive themselves? What is authentic leadership? And how can we tap into the power of social movements to decrease growing inequality? In this episode of the Partos Future Exploration podcast, we sat down with Marinke van Riet to find out more!

Soundbite by Marinke van Riet (00.46 sec)

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Sixth podcast featuring Somaye Dehban

In this episode, together with Somaye Dehban we are going to talk about funding and financing for development aid. What do we mean with financing for development, what impact has COVID on financing for development, what is the current state of financing for development and how can we tap into the new opportunities innovative finance instruments provide us with.

Soundbite by Somaye Dehban (00.39 sec)

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Seventh podcast featuring Marie-Louis Wijne

In this episode, Marie-Louise Wijne talks about digitalisation for development. What is digitalisation for development? What are the future uncertainties when it comes to the digital divide, digital economies and digital security? And how is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accelerating the digitalisation for development agenda?

Soundbite by Marie-Louis Wijne (00.28 sec)

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Eighth podcast featuring Charles Kojo Vandyck

Charles Kojo Vandyck talks about the localisation agenda. He talks about the current state of global development, the changing role of (I)NGO’s, the collective responsibilities from actors in the Global North and Global South. Charles shares some very practical suggestions on how you can accelerate the localisation agenda. Charles is a social justice activist and thought leader with experience in strengthening civil society resilience, sustainability, and southern leadership. Charles currently serves as the Head, Capacity Development Unit, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), is a member of the Reimagining INGO (RINGO) Core team and is an advisory board member of Disrupt Development.

Soundbite by Charles Kojo Vandyck (00.25 sec)

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Ninth episode featuring Donald Pols on Climate action

Donald Pols speaks about climate action, the current state of the climate and its consequences on inequality, migration and conflicts. We further dive into the importance of investing in resilience and also talk about the historic victory in the court of Milieudefensie against cooperation Shell. Donald Pols has a lifelong commitment to a society in harmony with nature – in the interest of nature, and of human society that is dependent on nature. In his capacity as Director of Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie), he supports the global transition to sustainable energy.

Soundbite by Donald Pols (00.55 sec)

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