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Partos Innovation Festival

Opening | 09.30 – 09.45

The Partos Innovation Festival will be opened by Dzifa Kusenuh and Mariken Gaanderse, our great hosts and facilitators of the day. Furthermore, Bart Romijn, director of Partos, will briefly elaborate on this year’s main festival theme: Navigating and shaping the Future – innovation in development cooperation in pursuit of an inclusive, just and sustainable world.

Keynote | Krizna Gomez | 09.45-10.00

What futures are on the horizon for the social change field? How can development professionals build new muscles and translate these to day-to-day actions as well as to higher-level strategy and leadership in organisations? Trained as a human rights lawyer, Krizna Gomez has been working with NGO’s around the world to help magnify their impact and promote innovative thinking through foresight, design thinking, contemplative practices and cross-disciplinary methods. Let’s explore the capabilities we need today to be able to thrive in the future.


Presentation | Future Exploration | 10.00- 10.50

This year Partos initiated a new Future Exploration trajectory, aimed at exploring dynamic and adaptive future pathways for development cooperation that can withstand uncertain and complex futures. This trajectory is facilitated by Butterfly Works, and Merel van der Woude will present the Roadmap with thematic future briefs and opinion pieces.

Panel | Frames & narratives on development | 11.00 -12.00

Fake news, angry citizens, dissatisfaction, powerlessness, and mistrust – easily expressed via a Tweet or online post. However, in the offline world, sharp discussions, intentionally or not, groups of people and opinions are pitted against each other too. How to deal with strong negative frames in times of polarization and rising populism? Join Krizna Gomez, Jurjen van den Bergh, Kiza Magendane, and Maryia Sadouskaya-Komlach to cover this topic from the angle of different actors in development cooperation.

Inspirational Talks | Climate Justice | 12.00-12.45

With governments and development organisations working on tackling climate change and promoting climate resilience, how can we incorporate the perspective of climate justice within development cooperation and international climate policy while leaving no one behind? Nisreen Elsaim, Kumi Naidoo and Donald Pols elaborate on climate justice in practice. How to enhance Southern-led agency and strengthen grassroots organisations and indigenous activists in international climate negotiations?

Panel | Shifting Power: (Net)work in progress | 13.30-14.30

There is a growing understanding across the sector that in order to build genuine and effective civil society partnerships, (aid) systems change is fundamental. New collaboration platforms have been created to link actors of change and connect different systems change and shifting power initiatives. Discover how two international initiatives follow the network-to-action principle: RINGO (Re-Imagining the INGO) and the #ShiftthePower Movement. How to address underlying drivers and power structures and get to power shifts in practice? Join speakers Jenny Hodgson, Charles Kojo VanDyck, Pascal Richard and Osai Ojigho to get inspired by a (net)work in progress.

Inspirational Talks | Fresh Perspectives | 14.30-15.15

Join our live festival chatroom where Pascalle Grotenhuis, Ishita Dutta, Patrick Meier, Rosebella Nyumba and Dumiso Gatsha are invited to share fresh perspectives on development cooperation. Focusing on different emerging scenarios and themes such as data & digital, feminist & queer, community-led & inclusive financingthe panel members are randomly matched with each other to engage in conversations about shared solutions to building a sustainable, inclusive and just future. 

Comparative Session | 0,7% ODA Discours | 15.30-17.00

On October 6th, AidWatch will launch its annual flagship report, monitoring both the quantity and quality of the EU and Member States’ official development assistance (ODA). Departing from the state of affairs in EU countries with regard to their commitment to ODA, we will start a conversation about the discours around development and the 0,7% target in particular. What is the dominant discours in specific countries and how does this relate to political systems? Furthermore, we will discuss success stories, as well as less successful ones, in order to collectively formulate best practices. Join the conversation with Celia CranfieldRebekka BlomqvistLukas GoltermannGautier Centlivre, and Nasim Salad.

Presentation | Nominees Collaborative Innovations Awards | 15.30-16.20

Tune in for lively pitches of the 10 nominees for the 2021 Collaborative Innovation Awards. This year, it’s all about recognising and celebrating collaborative innovations by international civil society partnerships that developed creative solutions to deal with global or local issues and uncertain scenarios in development cooperation. Get inspired by various change coalitions and meet the people behind these outstanding collaborative innovations. 

Award Ceremony Innovations | 16.20-16.45

The Grande Finale! The Jury will award this year’s Awards winners for the best Collaborative Innovations in development cooperation. Let’s clear the online stage and shed light on the remarkable stories of these innovators. They will receive a personal narrative Artwork about their innovation, created by an artist selected by Sud Agency. Furthermore, the winners will have the possibility to participate in the FutureLabs, a series of three exclusive workshops offered by cutting-edge innovation agencies to tackle future challenges and design impactful innovations. 

Keynote | Lydia Zigomo | 16.45-17.00

As a Keynote Speaker, Lydia Zigomo will be speaking about Oxfam’s experiences to implement local leadership: best practices, challenges and ambitions. As the Global Programmes Director at Oxfam International, she dives into the attempts of Oxfam to both promote and realise a change agenda on local leadership and new collaborations.

Storytelling | LAM Sisterhood | 17.00-17.15

Listen to stories of the future. LAM Sisterhood is a content studio that fills the world with stories for African women to feel seen, heard and beloved. Founded by three African feminist storytellers, Anne Moraa, Aleya Kassam and Laura Ekumbotheir international award-winning and nominated works span multiple disciplines including film, stage, audio storytelling and experiential theatre. As Innovators in Residence at the Aga Khan University Media Innovation Centre, they are currently developing the Brazen Universe where they tell the life stories of extraordinary African women who’ve shaped the world. 

Closure | 17.15-17.30

The 8th edition of the Partos Innovation Festival will be wrapped up by Bart Romijn, Dzifa Kusenuh and Mariken Gaanderse. Together, they tune in at shared insights and conclusions. What can be learnt from collaborative innovations in development cooperation? How can we navigate and shape the future together? Let’s increase our impact and continue working towards an inclusive, just and sustainable world.

Live sessions | Pakhuis de Zwijger

In addition to the online programme, two workshops will take place on location. These live workshops take place at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, and focus on shifts in communication and online community engagement. Don’t want to miss out on the online programme? No need to worry! You’ll tune in at the ‘Grote Zaal’ to follow the virtual Innovation Festival. Note: due to COVID restrictions regarding in-person events, you’ll have to register seperately to attend live sessions.

Online community engagement | 11.00 – 12.45

Shifts in communication | 13.30 – 15.15

Online community engagement | 11.00 – 12.45

We are living in a digital era. A global village in which boundaries between online and offline spaces have become blurred. In some settings, offline possibilities are limited and young people look for alternative spaces, online, to find reliable information on topics of their importance. The task at hand is to create safe online spaces – inclusive virtual environments where youth can engage in conversations about what matters to them, form an independent opinion, and lead the process of positive change in society. How can we build digital communities that offer reliable information, foster voice diversity, encourage participation, and are inviting to marginalized groups, while reducing the negative impact of such online adversities? Join the conversation with Walied KhalidAdrien Trocmé, Ruba Mimi and Wouter van Tongeren.

Led by RNW Media | Digital Communities for Social Change

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Shifts in communication | 13.30 – 15.15

How do NGO’s tell people’s stories authentically and ethically in an increasingly digital world? We’ll explore the power dynamics between NGO’s collecting content and the people who agree to have their stories and images shared. What are innovative ways of storytelling and story gathering that are ethically and practically working? What lessons can be learnt about the different forms of creating & tailoring communications and campaigning to better advocate for development? How to collaborate with partners, storytellers and content makers in a rapidly changing world? Speakers at this session are Anne Moraa from LAM Sisterhood, Joost Bastmeijer and Sarah Page.

Moderated by Wouter Oomen | Utrecht University

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