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Discover the award-winning collaborative innovations 2021

Each year Partos organises a call for innovation to showcase and promote recent inspiring initiatives in the development sector. What were the most outstanding collaborative innovations of 2021?

Creative solutions to complex problems

In 2021, the Collaborative Innovations Awards recognise and celebrate collaborations in international civil society partnerships that developed creative solutions to deal with complex, volatile and uncertain scenarios in development cooperation. In total, 30 projects were submitted, covering a wide range of sustainable development goals, innovative approaches, changemakers, target groups, and locations. The three Award winners have won narrative artworks and will get the chance to participate in three exclusive workshops a.k.a. FutureLabs. These FutureLabs are part of the Partos Innovation Hub; a platform for social innovation & learning that we will launch in 2022.

Podcast series

Partos assigned Disrupt Development to produce a podcast series to learn more about these innovations. Discover simple, cheap and quick ways for trade unions to get data on the table and enhance fact-based negotiations regarding minimum wage, how to connect networks and organisations of people living with HIV across the world and provide accurate information on COVID-19 and HIV and find out about environments where participants work together to design innovative solutions for social problems using design thinking methodology.

Virtual Innovation Labs

Innovation for Change/Latin America and the Caribbean Hub

Creative spaces where participants work together to design innovative solutions for social problems with a Design Thinking methodology. The team with the best idea receives a seed fund to implement its solution prototype.

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Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+)

An activist digital hub connecting networks of people living with HIV from across the globe through applications, in order to access accurate information related to HIV, share learnings, and raise advocacy issues.

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Making facts work for workers

CNV Internationaal

Using data collected through digital surveys to make sure textile workers in Cambodia earn the money they deserve. So unions can start fact-based wage negotiations, which is vital as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the textile industry.

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