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Inclusion is of key relevance for all SDGs and ensuring no one is left behind. That’s why the Partos Innovation Hub promotes dialogue and learning on effective approaches to integrate inclusion in development cooperation.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Partos aims to centralise Diversity, Inclusion and Equity as a key approach to accelerate social justice, decolonization, anti-discriminatory and inclusive transformation in the sector from within. The sectors evident links with colonialism, racism and white superiority and ongoing inequalities in international partnerships call for deep self-reflection on internal values, working culture and representation. Through intentional work on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, we support the sector in their journey to understand how exclusion and racism is surfacing in our organizations, and what concerted action we take to dismantle this.

DEI Learning Trajectory

That’s why we facilitate a learning trajectory about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the development sector, where organisations can share their challenges, needs, best practices, tools to dismantle structural inequities & build inclusive workspaces and relations.

Brown Bag Sessions – ‘Leave No One Behind’

Partos is organising a series of (online) Brown Bag Sessions together with members with inspiring presentations on intersectionality and Leave No One Behind in practice. The brown bag sessions are our answer to a call for short, accessible and informal learning opportunities for people working towards social justice and inclusion. Digest fresh of the shelve, or yet to be tested best practices, tools, and approaches that aim to put rightsholders in the driving seat and reduce discrimination.

Read & watch our first session on Participatory Grantmaking, and check our agenda for upcoming sessions!

The brown bag sessions were born out of the community of practice on Leave No One Behind (LNOB), which has now closed, but continues its spirit through the brown bag session by exploring learning opportunities between civil society organisations to support rightsholder groups and integrate intersectional perspectives and actions in our projects and programs.

Charles Kojo Vandyck: The localisation agenda

Charles Kojo Vandyck talks about the current state of global development, the changing role of (I)NGO’s, the collective responsibilities from actors in the Global North and Global South. He shares some very practical suggestions on how you can accelerate the localisation agenda. Charles is a social justice activist and thought leader with experience in strengthening civil society resilience, sustainability, and southern leadership. Charles currently serves as the Head, Capacity Development Unit, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), is a member of the Reimagining INGO (RINGO) Core team and is an advisory board member of Disrupt Development.

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