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Financing development cooperation

The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that lends a helping hand internationally. Development cooperation plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a sustainable and just world. This includes sufficient and proper funding. Without it, we will not make it.

A deal is a deal

It has been agreed internationally that countries should invest a minimum of 0.7% of Gross National Income in development cooperation. This is badly needed to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The Netherlands has also promised this. Unfortunately, in reality, these promises are not kept.

Concerns about financing development cooperation

The Netherlands’ 0.7% standard investment has been out of sight for years. On the contrary, previous cabinets have cut billions of euros from development cooperation. Although the current administration has partially reversed that damage, the development budget will remain around 0.62% of GNI for the next few years. As a result, the Netherlands is structurally not keeping its promise. This trend must be halted.

What money for what purpose?

In addition, non-development-relevant expenses are financed from the Dutch development budget, such as the cost of first-year refugee reception. Partos strongly supports humane and adequate reception but should not be funded from the development budget. Humane reception here comes at the expense of the poorest people elsewhere in the world because of it. Furthermore, an increasing part of the development budget is used for Dutch business. Partos advocates using the development budget for its intended purpose: to promote sustainable development by addressing the root causes of conflict, climate change, food insecurity and poverty.

What do we do?

Partos is working hard to ensure that the Netherlands will adhere to the international agreement of 0.7%. To this end, we set our sights on election programs, coalition agreements and debates in the Tweede Kamer. In the Partos lobby group, we coordinate priorities and actions every week. We organise regular meetings for the broad Partos lobby network to exchange knowledge and experience.