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Roadmap Screening 2.1

The Roadmap Screening 2.1 helps organisations tighten the Screening Process on the integrity of future (and current) employees/volunteers.

Download here the Roadmap Screening 2.1

The Roadmap also supports the sector as a whole in arriving at a more standard and uniform policy about this screening process, improving its quality, and having a solid preventive effect. In addition, the Roadmap forms the basis on which the Ministry assesses the screening policy of development cooperation organisations.

In the autumn of 2023, the Roadmap was completely revised. It includes information on the sector-specific reference profile that complements the Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). For background information on this reference profile, you can also read VOG’s memorandum advice (Dutch only). In addition, chapters have been added on screening various types of volunteers (including board members) and screening employees already in employment.