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More about Partos Communication & Representation

The Partos communication department communicates the relevance, impact and results of development cooperation to politicians, the public and the media. This is done, together with members and partners, through the use of inspiring and hope based communication. In particular, we focus on knowledge development, the exchange of experiences, and coming together to reflect and think about urgent themes in the field of constructive communication.

The facts and perceptions about development cooperation sometimes differ. Worldwide progress is being made in various areas, but often attention is paid to what is not yet going well. Moreover, for the purpose of fundraising, development organisations often focus their communication efforts towards asking for support for their aid initiatives, rather than choosing to shine a light on their results and achievements. As a result, the Dutch public, at the expense of support for our work, may think that no progress is being made.
Public support is essential to enable sustainable development. Partos, therefore, considers it important that the image of development cooperation corresponds to reality. To improve this connection, Partos closely follows the political and social debate and adds to it with information, activities, results and stories about development cooperation. The studies that share positive results within the sector have been bundled by Partos in this fact sheet.

The communication department of Partos is also a part of various coalitions, such as CONCORD, Goede Doelen Nederland, Centraal Bureau voor Fondsenwerving and the communication coalition of SDG Netherlands.

Sharing knowledge

To share knowledge and experience on communication in the development sector, Partos organises several events every year. The Proeftuin functions as a ‘testing ground’ and place where communication professionals can learn together, share knowledge, introduce cases and together breakthrough dilemmas. Through the sessions hosted in this community Partos, together with its member organisations, will develop a shared repertoire of experiences, stories, tools and effective working methods. The Proeftuin examines methods for communicating powerfully with target groups based on constructive frames about development cooperation. How do we communicate realistic images and stories about development cooperation? The results from previous projects can be found here. The topics are decided in collaboration with the Partos Communication Group.

In addition, in collaboration with researcher Mirjam Vossen and several member organisations, Partos organised the Onderzoeksproeftuin in 2020. This is a research project in which we jointly searched for answers to the questions: What makes people experience a message as positive and hopeful? And what kind of campaigns eventually lead to more loyal donors? These conversations provided enough information to draw up a practical checklist with the do’s and the dont’s in the field of communication.

In addition, Goede Doelen Nederland and Partos are joining forces several times for the organisation of the College Tours. A high-profile guest (‘guru’) will speak about a topic within communication and participants will get the opportunity to ask all the questions they’d like! The College Tours are both educational events for communication professionals as well as a meeting place for members. Guests of previous College Tours were Betteke van Ruler, Marc van Eck, Hans Nijenhuis and Lars Duursma.

Partos Innovation Festival

As the icing on top of the cake, Partos offers a global stage for innovation and creativity in the development sector by organising the annual Partos Innovation Festival and the Innovation Awards. During this annual event we celebrate the successes, show inspiring projects and initiatives and offer a platform to progressive thinkers and doers. The festival always ends up becoming a festive mix of inspiration and content, doing and listening, but also acting as a place where new skills can be gained, insights acquired and contacts made. Each year, a different important theme is central to the Festival’s agenda.
The Festival offers the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with participants worldwide. This produces a diverse setting and the development of strong and interesting relationships every year.

Check out the aftermovie of the 2020 online edition of the Partos Innovation Festival.

Connecting knowledge

Thanks to the Partos communication network, the communication group and the various coalitions, Partos maintains contact with its members and their constituency in order to respond effectively to issues and questions they may have. Partos actively stays up to date on the latest trends and developments in the sector, and through its activities, shares this amongst its members and wider network.

Get to know our Communication & Representation team

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