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Bart Romijn | Innovation: urgent, important and fun!

Innovation in development cooperation is both urgent and important. Do we want to live in an intrinsically magnificent realm, a world which is beautiful by its nature? Do we want a global community in which happiness is a common good, a society that respects the universal human rights everywhere, always, for everyone – now and in the future? If we want to make that world become a reality, we have to collectively boost our efforts – and innovation is one of the keys to unlock our cooperative potential. 

23 september 2021

Innovation unpacked

Many uncertainties, challenges, fast changes and complex contexts urge development organisations to be alert, adaptive and innovative. Innovation goes far beyond new gadgets and hypes – it is also about much more than new products or services. Innovation embraces new forms of cooperation, and embodies incremental as well as transformational changes. Indeed, cooperation for development cannot do without continuous innovation and development of cooperation itself. Sharing new internal insights and harnessing the co-creativity of colleagues is essential. At least as important, is to be both open and exposed to external ideas, provocative insights, and promising tools, approaches and models. This is what Partos’ learning and innovation trajectories are all about. 

Celebrating collective efforts

Once a year we celebrate collective learning and innovation efforts at the Partos Innovation Festival. This gathering is a great opportunity to learn about various ways of navigating and shaping the future. Participants will be inspired by key note speakers that share their views and experiences about burning issues such as local leadership and climate justice. Various panels will address questions such as “How to deal with strong negative frames in times of polarization and rising populism?” and “What about our own role in Shifting the Power?”. What’s more, ten creative minds will lively pitch for the 2021 Collaborative Innovation Awards. And, finally, the Festival will be enriched by talented critically observing artivists. You see, innovation is not only urgent and important. It is also fun!