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Podcast Asma Naimi in conversation with Margje de Koning and Julie Nederkoorn I The Power of Storytelling

Are you a changemaker and interested to learn more about the ethics and impact of storytelling? In this podcast episode, Asma Naimi interviews Margje de Koning and Julie Nederkoorn about how ‘Movies that Matter’ create change on human rights issues at the nexus of storytelling, activism, and NGO work.

17 oktober 2023

Movies that Matter aims to broaden views on human rights by using film as a powerful instrument to overcome inequalities. In this podcast episode, we discuss how you can build a bridge between filmmakers as professional storytellers and activists who create narratives of change. We dive into the process of owning, gathering, and sharing stories that are inclusive, ethical, and representative of the realities that people face in difficult circumstances. Connecting authentic and deeply personal stories with a worldwide audience can shift perspectives, attitudes, and gather support for tackling the most pressing societal challenges of our time.

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About Margje de Koning

Margje de Koning has long-standing experience as a director of documentaries for various broadcasting companies and has been a lecturer in documentary making at the University of Amsterdam. She (co-)produced documentaries on social, social-cultural, and moral issues with a strong human-interest angle. She has also been the head of TV, Radio, and New Media at the Dutch public broadcaster IKON and the Head of Documentaries for EOdocs. Since 2019 she’s the artistic director of Movies that Matter.

About Julie Nederkoorn

Julie Nederkoorn has a Master’s degree in Conflict Studies & Human Rights and has been a project leader in various non-profit organizations, such as MasterPeace. She currently manages the International Support and Activist program at Movies that Matter which supports human rights film festivals around the world with funds, trainings, and advice. She is also responsible for the activist documentaries about human rights defenders, who are invited to present their work during the annual festival. 

About Asma Naimi

Asma Naimi is a writer and social entrepreneur who is passionate about combining knowledge and creativity to create social change. She has a PhD in social entrepreneurship and social impact. This podcast is based on her upcoming Storytelling for Social Change Guidebook, a collaboration between Changemaker Studio and Shortway Productions. The guidebook shows how storytelling is essential to create awareness about societal challenges and to make an impact by combining insights from ancient methods, groundbreaking artists and the latest science on social movements.

CoP Inclusive Communication

Partos and Changemaker Studio have initiated this podcast on The Power of Storytelling as part of the Community of Practice on Inclusive Communication. Partos and the Expertise Centre Humanitarian Communication started this community in 2022 to explore in which ways we can make our communication work more ethically, inclusive and equitable in all senses. Not only through the stories we tell or the words and images we use but also in our ways of working with our international partners and communities involved.