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Future Brief Series No.2 | Shifting the Power

The Future Brief Series builds on and seeks to provide input for the work of Partos, its members, their partners and other development practitioners

Future Brief Series

Shifting the Power

For all actors working in the development sector, the notion of shifting the power is undoubtedly familiar. Publications on this topic abound and seminars and debates are organised almost weekly. Within this ongoing dialogue, there seems to be widespread agreement that power asymmetries – within the sector itself and in the broader global system – are a root cause of many development problems and, hence, should be a prime concern for development cooperation efforts.

Uncertainties & promising pathways

Future Brief Series No.2 Shifting the Power has been developed by Partos and The Broker to guide readers in their quest for knowledge and help them navigate the vast amount of information out there. It builds on and seeks to provide input for a knowledge trajectory Partos has facilitated on the issue of Shifting the Power and traces some of the most relevant manifestations of and shifts in power dynamics currently happening in the development sector. Additionally, it identifies key questions and promising pathways for the future.

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