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Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Social impact is the fundamental aspect of our work in International Development cooperation.  It‘s essential that civil society partnerships reflect, learn and adapt to the volatile and complex political and socio-economic environment in which they intend to create change. By doing so, civil society organisations have the ability to learn while implementing their programmes and projects; use the lessons learned for steering towards outcomes and impact; be accountable to beneficiaries and donors and; be able to communicate results to the public. Hence, we aim to support our members and their partners towards impact-oriented working by facilitating joint learning and professional exchanged through diverse activities.

Joint learning and exchange

Partos PME platform

The Partos PME TEAMS platform facilitates connection and interaction between PMEL officers of all levels within the sector. On this platform, relevant publications, events and other learnings are regularly shared. In addition, the platform offers space for PMEL officers to discuss challenges, lessons learned and best practices.

‘I was recommended to join the MS Teams channel for Partos because of the frequent learnings that are shared’

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