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Policy coherence for development cooperation

Development cooperation is not the only way to contribute to sustainable development. The 99,3% of Gross National Income that does not go to development cooperation also affects developing countries. Unfortunately, this influence is sometimes negative.

Consider the Netherlands’ role in facilitating tax avoidance, depriving developing countries of a large amount of money. What the Netherlands gives with its development spending on the one hand, it takes away on the other. To prevent Dutch policy from counteracting, Partos argues for policy coherence for development, in which non-development policy contributes to sustainable development.

Building Change

Partos, under the name ‘Building Change‘, is working with Foundation Max van der Stoel and Woord en Daad to put policy coherence for sustainable development firmly on the map in the Netherlands. Together, we advocate for fair Dutch policies that do not negatively impact sustainable development in low-income countries.