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Building Change

Building Change is a partnership to put policy coherence for development firmly on the map in the Netherlands. The core group comprises Partos, Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) and Woord en Daad. Together we advocate for fair Dutch policies that do not negatively impact sustainable development in low-income countries.


Within Building Change, we collaborate a lot with other civil society organizations, for example, in the campaign ‘Adopteer een SDG’ or on a thematic policy topic. We seek cooperation, among other things, around the themes of fair energy transition, taxation and International Corporate Social Responsibility.

What we specifically do:

  • We lobby thematically on policy issues that can negatively impact developing countries, such as tax avoidance, climate change and resource extraction. We speak with members of parliament, officials and scientists and write position papers on these topics;
  • We have MPs “adopt” a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and ensure that they are committed to sustainable development in their parliamentary work;
  • We advocate for adequate implementation of the SDG test, which came about partly at our insistence. This tool tests new policies for their expected impact on developing countries and the SDGs. To show civil society organizations how to use the SDG test, we developed the (Dutch) SDG Test Toolkit;
  • We also regularly collaborate on studies and publications, such as the annual (Dutch) National SDG Report.